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Century Sunshine Group Holdings Limited (Stock code: 509.HK) was founded in 2000. The Group was listed on the GEM Board in February 2004 then was transferred to the Main Board in August 2008. It was the first listed company in Hong Kong, specializing in ecological fertiliser business in China. The Group positions itself as one of the leading and largest vertically integrated businesses covering magnesium and ecological fertilisers to achieve green technological innovations.

The Group has been devoting on research and development of its new growth driver, magnesium alloy, and strategically cooperates with Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Owning 12 patents in high quality rare earth magnesium alloys production techniques and a resourceful dolomite mine which is rich in high quality magnesium, together with advanced technology in the magnesium alloy production site, the Group is able to utilise its advantage on one stop value chain from upstream raw materials supply to downstream production. The overall competitiveness is enhanced through rich resources and economy of scale production.

The magnesium production sites are located at Jilin Province and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, among which, the Xinjiang production base is situated at Hami City, the main connection point of “Belt and Road”. Hami is famous for its abundant resources including quality and low-cost coal and dolomite mineral. These facilitate the development of magnesium business of the Group. Xinjiang production base has been authorized the production of 100,000 tonnes magnesium alloys and related products, currently the first production line with annual production capacity of 15,000 tonnes is established, it is expected to reach 170,000 tonnes production capacity of magnesium of the Group when all the production lines are completed. The Group position itself to becoming one of the leading magnesium producers in the world.

The Group is developing, producing and distributing ecological fertilisers including organic and compound si-mg fertilisers, functional fertilisers and new-type ecological compound fertilisers. The fertilisers are promoted through its labels, "Le He He", "Feng Shou", "Zhan Lan", "Yanyangtian" and "Dongfanghong". Among which, “Le He He” and “Yanyangtian” have awarded the “2016 Top 50 Brand of Farmers’ Most Trusted Fertilisers”, implies the popularity of the brands among users. The products are tailored different types of crops especially cash crops such as tea, fruits, vegetables, peanuts, bamboos, eucalypt trees, etc. The unique attributes of the fertilisers are environmental friendly, which enhance soil fertility and suitable for ecological farming such as organic farming.

Major production sites are located in Jiangsu, Shandong and Jiangxi provinces. On 1 April 2017, Shandong Hongri Chemical Joint Stock Company Ltd. (“Shandong Hongri”) is officially merged into the Group, facilitating a total annual production capacity of fertilisers to over 2,000,000 tonnes. Besides, the Group is constructing a 1,400,000 tonnes production capacity fertiliser base in Jiangxi Province with the first phase of 550,000 tonnes is expected to commence in the third quarter of 2017. The three production bases cover Northern, Central and Southern Markets, with total annual capacity over 3,000,000 tonnes. The Group embraces strong research & development team, with a total of 8 patents in fertiliser production and relevant technology; and optimize its advantage and competitiveness through strong technology and leading agricultural services with the recognition of “National chemical agricultural service centre” (全國農化服務中心) and “Provincial Technology Development Centre” (省級技術開發中心), With the rapid development of the Chinese green produce and organic farming, the Group is confident that will guarantee a stable growth in ecological fertiliser industry.

The Group stringently implements corporate responsibility, and strives to achieve corporate and social harmony. It actively responds to and participates in environmental protection. It received the ISO14001: 2004 certification and consistently contributes to and cooperates with the community. The Group focuses on talents development and building the team with the focus on human resources.