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The Group’s environmental protection scheme covers each place of business, includes control over gas emission and sewage discharge, monitoring of the surrounding environment, treatment of hazardous materials, treatment of industrial solid waste and emergency measures. Effective environmental, health and social management is implemented in the production bases.
The phosphogypsum generated during the production process is considered as general industrial solid waste, which is the raw material of gypsum boards and gypsum products. Currently, all of the phosphogypsum generated by the production base is acquired by the nearby gypsum board manufacturers.
The industrial sewage generated during the production process is recycled and reused in the production system after treatment in accordance with the industrial sewage treatment procedure, hence no discharge of industrial sewage.
The noise management of the two production bases of the Group is in compliance with the requirements of the local regulations. The noise-reducing measures include setting up partial enclosures, installing absorbers and carrying out timely repairs.
Century Sunshine has formulated the enterprise human resources policies which specify the employment terms and working conditions. These terms cover the recruitment procedures, probationary period, training, performance review, promotion, insurance, remuneration and allowances, resignation, severance and dismissal, leaves, other leaves (including marriage leave, compassionate leave, study leave and examination leave) and retirement, etc.
Non-discrimination and equal opportunities are specified in the human resources policies. All employments and promotions are determined based on work performance of the staff. Under the circumstance where the job applicants fulfil the same criteria, local residents and females will be given priority.
In addition, the Group emphases that employees shall be entitled to equal opportunities for employment, and it hires them based on their talents. In the belief that the capabilities of employees are not restricted by disabilities, the Group has recruited a group of deaf-mute people. This firmly secures the human resources for the Company in its rapid expansion.
The Group respects individual fundamental values and dignity. In the meantime, in support of the community building of where the businesses are located, the Group identifies that good relationships with the community is the key factor to the enterprise’s successful operations. Over the years, the Group’s community investments include helping the less privileged people, assisting in emergencies, supporting disaster reliefs and participating in voluntary work etc.

Century Sunshine joins the community affairs in the vicinity on a regular basis. An official community complaint mechanism is also set up. Assistance is provided in a proactive manner to the charity work of the surrounding communities, which include the participation in sponsoring the local education and cultural work such as pre-school education, as well as poverty alleviation activities including road repair works in the villages etc.