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Thanks to the concerted efforts of our colleagues, clients and partners for the past years, Century Sunshine Group Holdings Limited has made revolutionary innovations to its former business model and has achieved notable enhancement in scale, efficiency and brand influence through its dual-business portfolio of ecological fertilisers and magnesium alloys. It lays a solid foundation for its goal of development in both markets.

Against the backdrop of the widespread and intensified concept of energy conservation and emissions reduction across the globe, magnesium alloys, a new lightweight material, will enjoy broadening potential opportunities. Magnesium alloys and other high-performance lightweight materials have been included in the “Development of Strategic Emerging Industries” program under the development plan. Capitalising on its ascendant technologies and resources, Century Sunshine will seize opportunities to further expand the magnesium industry, develop the circular economic industry of magnesium and related industries of magnesium alloys production, as well as enhance the integrated competitiveness of the Group.

On the other hand, its superior fertiliser products and technologies have secured the Group’s favorable market position. In the long run, it is well known that the fertiliser is the “food” to grain. The fertiliser is important and indispensable to improve the nutrition of crops and thus, increase production volumes and enhance incomes of farmers. China is the world’s largest fertiliser producer and consumer. The growth of the fertiliser industry has provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of China’s agriculture and national economy. The No. 1 Central Documents issued by the PRC Government for the past consecutive years were all about “Issues Concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers”. These policies provide good directives and support for the development of the fertiliser industry. The government’s policies are favourable to the business of the Group, and we are expecting a new surge of development of the ecological fertiliser industry.

“The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit” (“雄关漫道真如铁,而今迈步从头越”). Century Sunshine is committed to becoming a vertically integrated and environmentally friendly provider of magnesium alloys and ecological fertilisers in the Asia-Pacific. We believe our goal will be achieved with the joint efforts of our colleagues under the leadership of the Board of Directors.

Chi Wen Fu
Chairman of the Board