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The Group strives to become the leading corporation in magnesium industry by leveraging on its strong research and development capabilities.

The Group enjoys the exclusivity in applying the patented technologies on rare earth magnesium alloy productions. Some of them have already been adopted in projects by National Aeronautics and Space. Magnesium is light material featuring in high resistance, vibration, and noise reduction, resistant to electromagnetic radiation, environmentally friendly, and abundant resources. It has been widely applied in different fields, including automobiles, railway transportations, 3C electronics products, and aerospace.

The magnesium production sites are located at Jilin Province and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The Xinjiang production base is situated at Hami City, the main connection point of “Belt and Road”. Hami is famous for its abundant resources, including high-quality and low-cost coal and dolomite mineral. These facilitate the further development of magnesium business of the Group. Xinjiang production base has been authorised to produce 75,000 tonnes of magnesium alloys and related products.

Magnesium is recognised as one of the three major materials following steel and aluminum and the “most developed and widely used light-weight eco-friendly strategic new materials of the 21st century”. Magnesium alloys products are widely applied in aerospace, military, transportation, and high-tech areas with its outstanding capability. Its application has been increasing amid the trend of environmental protection and a greener era.