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The Group cooperates with research & development and education centres to develop the technology and production techniques for a series of magnesium alloys and related products. The Group currently owns several patents in magnesium production techniques.
The Group has been collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on research and development over a decade, to enhance its products’ competitiveness, efficiency and environmental sustainability. This has also brought numerous awards and credits to the Group. Currently, the Group owns several patents in fertiliser production related techniques, and recognised as the “National Chemistry Agricultural Services Centre” (全國化工農化服務中心) and “Provincial Technology Development Centre”(省級技術開發中心). All its products are marketed through registered house labels “Le He He”, “Feng Shou”, “Zhan Lan”, “Yanyangtian and “Dongfanghong”. Among which, “Le He He” and “Yanyangtian has awarded the “2016 Top 50 Brands of Farmer’s Most Trusted Fertilisers” (2016農民信賴的肥料品牌五十強). Yanyangtian was rewarded “China’s Best Fertiliser 2018” and “China Efficient Fertiliser Premium Brand in 2019”.